Art For All ry is a community of artists promoting cross artistic collaboration. The association is a platform for emerging professionals from various fields. Art For All (AFA for short) has been born out of a need for a more inclusive community in the field of art, providing peer support and encouraging collaboration instead of competition. By sharing knowledge and resources Art For All has brought together over 70 association members and hosted two art festivals featuring over thirty artists and performers.

The mission of the association is to lift up new voices in the field of art and promote the accessibility of art and culture. Art For All wants to open the enjoyment of art to a broader audience and especially reach those who are not high consumers of culture.

The community works on its mission through an annual cross-artistic Art For All Festival. The festival lifts up artists in the beginning of their careers through an anonymous open call. The festival is site specific, every year changing its location to new unusual places to exhibit art. The festival themes emerge from the venue and the partners that the festival is collaborating with.

Art For All collaborates with partners from all sectors of society, not only arts and culture. This is visible in the research based approach of the festival whereby by learning from experts from various disciplines the projects aim to create tangible societal impact.

In addition to the festival, Art For All organizes activity and events for its members and smaller projects as part of its artistic activity. You can find the earlier AFA projects on this page.


The 2023 edition of the festival revolved around the theme Invitation. The festival reflected on the meaning of home and the social interactions related to everyday environments. It explored the urban space of Kalasatama as a place of complex relationships to our surroundings, neighbors, plants, and others..


The two-day event featured installations, performances, and artworks revolving around the theme of emergence. The exhibition explored human experiences in relation to the world and others. From underneath the surface of the visible, multiple perspectives and imaginary worlds emanate: wandering from the subliminal to the tangible, from the depths of life and consciousness to embodied realities. The event opens a social space for contemplations, connections, and reflection.


Art For All -festival 2022 took place in Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden 26.-28.8.2022. Festivaal’s theme UNDER-GROUND explored soil as a model for multispecies co-existence. The artists were supported in their work by researchers from the garden and the University of Helsinki.


Art For All -festival 2021 took place in the Malmi airport hangar 20.-21.8.2021. The festival’s theme Invisible Connection explored coming together after the pandemic. The pieces studied the connections between people, cultures and other species.