For All Festival


Welcome to the Art For All Festival!

This year, the art festival takes over the Kalasatama neighborhood in Helsinki, filling the everyday environments with art. The event presents emerging artists from different disciplines going from performances, to food art and textile works . With its projects, the Art For All community aims for better cross-artistic cooperation, bringing art to unusual places where everyone is welcome.

Previous Art For All festivals have taken place at the Malmi airport (2021) and Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden (2022). This year we are inviting you to the residential buildings of Kalasatama from the 25th to the 27th of August 2023.

The 2023 edition of the festival revolves around the theme Invitation. The festival reflects on the meaning of home and the social interactions related to everyday environments. It explores the urban space of Kalasatama as a place of complex relationships to our surroundings, neighbors, plants, and others. The theme evolves in contact with the Kalasatama area, its inhabitants, and the artists during the Residency and workshops. The works invite the public to participate in various performances, to meet the artists over shared meals and teas, and to follow the stories of those encounters. The artists’ do research on and think about the role and importance of home; a clean and intimate space, its colours and tastes. They take a closer look at the concept of ownership and human interactions within and outside that space. Sometimes it is absent and even considered a wasteland. The selected artists explore the theme through multidisciplinary installations, growing and living artworks, dance, music, sound, participatory and site specific performances and textile pieces.

The festival is preceded by a week-long “neighborhood residency” where the artists build up their work in a cross-artistic environment and interact with the local residents. During the residency the artists will discuss the themes with researchers from various fields as well as with veteran artists from the Artist House Ars Longa.

This year’s festival is a mix between an open doors day, a block party and a gathering among neighbors and strangers. The event is organized in collaboration with HEKA Oy, Setlementtiasunnot, NAL-asunnot and the Artist House Ars Longa. The festival has been planned together with the local residents who are opening their semi-private everyday environments for visitors to experience.


Artworks will be open to audiences:

Friday 7-9 pm

Saturday 2-9 pm

Sunday 2-7 pm

Friday 25.8.2022

18-19:00 Festival opening ceremony + performance by Kulminaatio (Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone) O

19-21:00 Artworks open to audiences

19-21:00 the chopping, the stirring, the occasion: artist serving soup (at Sompasaarenlaituri 6) S6

19-21:00 Embroidery in process: Kalasatama neighbour’s window (at Sompasaarenlaituri 6) S6

19-21:00 Cleaning Service Dust & Spray: artist present (at Antareksenkatu 3) A3

20:00-20:30 Performance: The Home is Where I Step My Toe (at Antareksenkatu 3 yard) A3

21:00 Exhibition closes

21-00:00 Invited Guests’ After Party

Saturday 26.8.2022

14-21:00 Artworks open to audiences

14-16:00 Kids’ Corner

15-17:00 Tea party: Eco Emotional Footprint (at Antareksenkatu 3) A3

17-17:30 Performance: The Home is Where I Step My Toe (at Antareksenkatu 3 yard) A3

21:00 Exhibition closes

21-02:00 House Party at Tislaamo (Teurastamo)

Sunday 27.8.2022

14:00-19:00 Artworks open to audience

14-16:00 Kids’ Corner open (at Kalasatamankatu 15) K15

15-17:00 Tea party: Eco Emotional Footprint (at Antareksenkatu 3) A3

17-17:30 Performance: The Home is Where I Step My Toe (at Antareksenkatu 3 yard) A3

18:00 Washing away the installation: Possession to Nature (at Sompasaarenlaituri 6) S6

19:00 Festival ends


The festival features works by various artists in the beginning of their careers. The artists were selected for the festival based on an anonymous open call. The call focused on works that combine different disciplines and engage the audience and other artists working on the festival.

The residency artists showcased are:

︎ Kulminaatio

︎ Francesca Bogani Amadori and Henry Lämsä

︎ Nagisa Mizuno

︎ Zina Marpegan

︎ Leena Pylkkö

︎ Marianne Turtio

︎ Vytautas Bikauskas

︎ Anusuya Krishnaswamy

︎ Polina Laamanen

︎ Jimin Hong


The festival takes place in the following areas:


The exhibition takes place in the following residential buildings throughout the weekend. The exhibition is open Friday 7-9 pm, Saturday 2-9 pm, and Sunday 2-7 pm. Festival signs and staff will guide you to the exhibition spaces when you arrive at the buildings.

Please note that the exhibition is located in residential buildings. Please be respectful towards the residents and follow the instructions of the festival staff. The private property of the residential buildings should be vacated every day when the exhibition closes.

︎Verkkosaarenkatu 7

Verkkosaarenkatu 7 is part of a building combining residents under 27 living at NAL-asunnot, students living at Setlementtiasunnot and the Artist House Ars Longa housing artists over 55 years old. The residents of the multigenerational building share the generous common spaces from clubrooms to gyms and rooftop gardens. Ars Longa has a gallery in the south end of the building.

Verkkosaarenkatu 7 exhibition space is located on the northern end of the building on groundfloor. The space houses Francesca Bogani Amadori and Henry Lämsä’s piece and has a nice dialogue with the wastelands opening on the other side of the street. The building is bordered by construction sites but the easiest is to take west side of Hermanninrantatie north from Kalasatama metro station and then cross the street at Verkkosaarenkatu. The space is accessible but does not have a restroom for the audience. 

︎Antareksenkatu 3

Antareksenkatu 3 is one of the first buildings constructed in the new Kalasatama neighborhood. The building is owned by Heka Oy. With its decade long history, a thriving resident community has formed in the building with traditions such as shadow Flow party at the roof terrace.

Antareksenkatu 3 exhibition is located on the top floor of the building. The entrance is from the underpass between the buildings from the A-door. The visitors will take the elevator to the top floor where the works are located in the clubrooms and the roof terrace. The spaces are accessible and there is an accessible restroom. Marianne Turtio’s performance will take place on the back yard of the building. 

︎Sompasaarenlaituri 6

Sompasaarenlaituri 6 is a building of Setlementtiasunnot. The building is only a few years old and was constructed during the pandemic which has hindered the communal activities among residents. The building has luxurious common spaces on the ground floor with a common kitchen and auditorium steps.

Sompasaarenlaituri 6 exhibition is located in the clubroom facing the seaside. The space is accessible and has an accessible restroom.  


Festival Opening Ceremony

Friday 25.8.2023 at 6 pm
Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone
(Shopping center Redi 2nd floor)

The festival opening will be celebrated at Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone on Friday 25.8. 18:00. The opening ceremony will feature a performance by Kulminaatio collective, opening words from the AFA-team and a toast with a glass of sparkling.

Olohuone is located in the Redi shopping center on the second floor. You can find the entrance next to the escalators going to the metro platform towards the west. Olohuone is a community space managed by Helsinki Urban Art ry. Read more about the space here

Opening Night Invited Guests’ After Party

Friday 25.8. 9pm onward
Location informed to the supporting ticket holders

At the end of the opening night AFA is hosting an after party for invited guests. The party is a place to mingle with the artists, festival team, partners and stakeholders as well as other professionals from the arts and culture field.

Festival visitors can join the invited guests’ after party by buying a supporting ticket to the festival. In addition to the party supporting ticket holders will get a surprise gift at the festival venue. Buy a supporting ticket.

House Party

Saturday 26.8.2023 9 pm onward
Helsinki Distilling Company

On Saturday night AFA will host an open party for festival visitors and residents of Kalasatama neighborhood at Tislaamo. Tislaamo is the restaurant & distillery of Helsinki Distilling Company at Teurastamo. The Saturday night program will feature a performance and DJ-sets.

Kids’ Corner

Open on Saturday and Sunday 3-5 pm
Kalasatamankatu 15

On Saturday and Sunday AFA will host an art workshop for children and child-minded people of all ages. Kotipesä is open 14-16:00 at Kalasatamankatu 15. The entrance to the space is from the elevated courtyard and can be accessed via stairs from Tukkutorinkuja. The accessible entrance to the elevated courtyard is via a slope from Capellan Puistotie between Capellan Puistotie 20 and the Kalasatama health center.


The festival is admission free and open to everyone. The audience can support the festival by buying a voluntary supporting ticket.

Pay what you want

20e ticket: You will receive an invitation to the invited guests’ after party on Friday 25.8. as well as a surprise gift at the festival venue.

100e ticket: You will receive the former and your name will be displayed on the festival website and venue.

You can buy a supporting ticket to the festival by sending the sum of your choosing on:

Mobilepay: +358415731857

Buy ticket online on Eventbrite

If you prefer a banktransfer, please fill this form to receive the invitation to the festival opening and remember to add the following message to your transaction:

Recepient: Art For All ry

Account: FI59 1544 3000 2448 43

Message: Supporting ticket, your name / name of your organisation

The festival is located at Kalasatama in Helsinki. We recommend arriving by foot, bike or public transportation due to the limited amount of parking spaces. You can arrive at the venue with the metro from Kalasatama metro station. The nearest bus stop is at Redi shopping center.

The festival venue is accessible. The exhibition takes place in residential buildings that have been constructed according to the latest accessibility standards. If needed, the festival staff will provide assistance.

Kids’ Corner at Kalasatamankatu 15 has an accessible route via a slope from Capellan Puistotie 20 between the residential building and the health center. The slope leads up to the yard from where the visitors can follow the signs to the Kids’ Corner. The non-accessible entrance is from Tukkutorinkuja and Capellan Puistotie corner via stairs leading directly to the Kids’ Corner door.

There are accessible restrooms available at Antareksenkatu 3, Sompasaarenlaituri 6 and at the Kids’ Corner at Kalasatamankatu 15. The restrooms are gender neutral. There are additionally multiple accessible public restrooms in the shopping center Redi as the visitors are transitioning from building to building.

There are multiple restaurants and shops located around the neighborhood for the visitors to eat or buy refreshments. At Antareksenkatu 3, Sompasaarenlaituri 6 and at the Kids’ Corner at Kalasatamankatu 15 there is also the possibility for visitors to refill their water bottles (cost free of course).

At Antareksenkatu 3, Sompasaarenlaituri 6 and at the Kids’ Corner at Kalasatamankatu 15 there are places for the audience to sit down and rest, partly indoors and partly outdoors.
After these years with the pandemic, we have become quite the experts at Covid-19 safety. Here are the measures taken:

  • Most of the event takes place in outdoor spaces where visitors can keep safe distances between each other.
  • Visitors are required to respect others personal space and leave safe distances between other visitors.
  • The sanitary spaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly during the festival.
  • Please do not arrive to the venue if you are feeling ill or have reason to believe you might have been infected.

The festival aims to create an inclusive and safe event for all visitors and staff. We follow safer space guidelines that you can find throught the link below. We expect all visitors to follow these guidelines. The festival area is a harrasment free zone and all people behaving inappropriately will be removed from the venue. We welcome all visitors to attend with a safe mind and encourage everyone to contact the festival team incase you find any deficiencies or ideas for improval:

AFA’s Safer Space Guidelines