For All Festival


Welcome to the Art For All Festival!

The art festival takes over Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden. The event presents emerging artists from different disciplines. The Art for All movement aims for better cross-artistic cooperation and a community where everyone is welcome. It brings art to unusual places and for all audiences to enjoy.

Last year we took Art for All to Malmi airport. This year we are inviting you to Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden. The Festival is open to audiences 26 - 28.8.2022.

This year’s festival lifts up emerging voices in the field of art and brings art closer to the people of the city in new and surprising environments. Festival’s theme UNDER-GROUND reflects on soil as a model of coexistence and transformation. The festival will study the dialogue between art and science as the artists collaborate with the garden’s researchers.

The festival is preceded by a week-long “garden residency” where the artists build up their work in a cross-artistic environment. The garden is open as usual throughout that time and you are welcome to see the artists at work.

Friday 26.8.2022

17-18:00 Festival opening ceremony + performance by Charles Quevillon

18-19:00 Maya Oliva’s performance mo·stru·ó·sa at the amphitheater

Artworks open to audiences

19-21:00 Daniela Pascual,
Desire Paths, artist present

22-04:00 AFA After Party in Kafé Koma

Saturday 27.8.2022

15-22:00 Artworks open to audiences
(Greenhouses open for free)

15-17:00 Daniela Pascual, Desire Paths, artist present

15-17:00 Kids’ Corner open

17-19:00 AFA Open Decks and a picnic in the outdoor garden

22:00 Festival and garden closes for the day

Sunday 28.8.2022

15-22:00 Artworks open to audiences

16-17:00 Maya Oliva
’s performance mo·stru·ó·sa at the amphitheater

15-17:00 Daniela Pascual,
Desire Paths, artist present

Kids’ Corner open

Festival closes

The artworks are located in the outdoor garden, some interior spaces and partly in the greenhouses. During the festival weekend the outdoor garden will be open 9-22:00 and the greenhouses 15-22:00. On Saturday 27.8. the greenhouses will be open for free and on other days with the admission fee or museum card.

The festival features works by young artists in the beginning of their careers. The artists were selected for the festival based on an anonymous open call. The call focused on works that combine different disciplines and engage the audience and other artists working on the festival.


The festival takes place in the following areas:

The Outdoor Garden
Due to the blossoming August, we are delighted to present some of the artworks and performances in the outdoor garden. The garden is open 9-22:00 during the festival weekend.

The Greenhouses
The greenhouses hold some of the artworks, in the midst of their plant collection. The greenhouses are open 15-22:00 during the festival weekend. On Saturday 27.8. the greenhouses will be open for free and on other days with the admission fee or museum card.

The Empty Greenhouse
Some artworks are located in the empty greenhouse. The empty greenhouse is open during the festival opening hours 15-22:00 during the festival weekend.

Café Viola
Café Viola serves festival visitors in the garden during most of the festival days. Café Viola, unfortunately, is not accessible but has an accessible terrace (see more in accessibility). You can read more on Café Viola here.

The Restrooms
The restrooms are located in the greenhouse lobby and can be accessed without an admission fee. One accessible restroom is also located in the greenhouses. Restrooms in the greenhouses are gender neutral.

Kafé Koma
Kafé Koma has kindly promised to serve as the location of the AFA Afterparty 2022. The After Party venue will feature visuals by the festival art director Oona Räyhäntausta and a DJ (to be announced shortly). Everyone is welcome to join the celebration on the other side of Eläintarhanlahti (500m from the Botanical garden) on Friday 26.8. . You can read more on Kafé Koma here. 


The festival is admission free and open to everyone.

The event is open free of cost. The audience can support the festival by buying a voluntary supporting ticket. The supporting ticket holders will receive a print program at the festival venue.

On Saturday 27.8., on the Day of Finnish Nature, the greenhouses will be open for free and on other days with the admission fee or museum card. The festival artworks take place mostly outside the greenhouses in the outdoor garden and in some interior spaces.

Support the Festival 

The festival is located at Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden in Helsinki. We recommend arriving by foot, bike or public transportation due to the limited amount of parking spaces. You can arrive at the venue with the metro from Kaisaniemi station. The nearest bus and tram stops are at Kaisaniemi Park.

The entrance to the garden is from the North side of the garden (on the side facing Eläintarhanlahti). The address: Kaisaniemenranta 2. 

The festival venue is mostly accessible. The festival takes place on ground level, and steps and doorways have been equipped with slopes to ensure wheelchair access. If needed the festival staff will provide assistance.

The empty greenhouse can be accessed with a wheelchair. The corridors are at least 1,5 meters wide and the doorway’s 1 meter wide. Some of the pieces can only be experienced from the corridor and not the rooms themselves. In Kati Silo’s and Maya Oliva’s rooms the pathways between tables are only 1 meter wide and may not be accessible to all wheelchairs. The pieces can however be experienced from the doorway accessibly. Zhao Xingrui’s piece is unfortunately not accessible but the video work can be experienced from the accessible corridor. Laura Hasanen’s and Zara Asgher’s piece is accessible. The interactive piece Adapt. Reclaim. Regrow is accessible.

There is one accessible restroom at the venue. The restrooms are located in the lobby of the greenhouses including an accessible restroom. 

Café Viola located in the garden, unfortunately, is not accessible. The café has a terrace on the ground floor that can be accessed with a wheelchair.
After these years with the pandemic, we have become quite the experts at Covid-19 safety. Here are the measures taken:

  • Most of the event takes place in outdoor spaces where visitors can keep safe distances between each other.
  • Visitors are required to respect others personal space and leave safe distances between other visitors.
  • The sanitary spaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly during the festival.
  • Please do not arrive to the venue if you are feeling ill or have reason to believe you might have been infected.

The festival aims to create an inclusive and safe event for all visitors and staff. We follow safer space guidelines that you can find throught the link below. We expect all visitors to follow these guidelines. The festival area is a harrasment free zone and all people behaving inappropriately will be removed from the venue. We welcome all visitors to attend with a safe mind and encourage everyone to contact the festival team incase you find any deficiencies or ideas for improval:

AFA’s Safer Space Guidelines