The Art For All Festival 2022 will take over the Helsinki Botanical Garden in Kaisaniemi. The outdoor garden is accessible free of cost and the green houses for a small fee or with a Museum card.

The festival team will provide artists with:

  • working spaces (with electricity and running water)
  • storage spaces for materials and personal belongings
  • space for resting and eating (with a kitchen)
  • space for exhibiting their work

The festival has three main areas for exhibiting art: the greenhouses, the empty greenhouse, and the outdoor garden. In the open call you can propose a suitable location for your piece. We are looking for a diverse combination of works from different disciplines and utilizing all the different locations.

The empty greenhouse will be used as the working space for the artists. The space allows messy and space consuming ways of working. The space is only in the festival's use and the artists will not disturb the garden's customers. The working space also has a small break room for making coffee / tea.

If you have any questions about the spaces feel free to contact us via email: artforallry(at)
The greenhouses contain the natural history museum’s living collection of plant species. The complex consists of multiple rooms with different temperatures and humidity, mimicking the climates they are representing.

The artistic work displayed in the greenhouses should not disturb the garden’s customer flow. Pieces can be installed on walls or hung from ceilings where suitable. The greenhouses have limited capacity for installing work on the ground as most of the floor space is taken by the plant collection. The greenhouses may be the most suitable for: 2D pieces (photography, paintings, drawings), projections (with natural light conditions in mind) and audio pieces.


The festival will have the unused greenhouse, between the main greenhouses and the botanic museum, in our use. The unused greenhouse is partly located underground and partly on the foot of the hill next to the Botanic Museum. The empty greenhouse consists of four rooms divided from each other by glass walls.

The rooms are 6 meters deep and about 5 meters wide. The rooms have glass ceilings and have tables in the middle and on the sides of them. The artistic work should be placed in the rooms so that the tables do not have to be moved. Please also keep the natural light conditions in mind when planning your piece.

The empty greenhouse provides the best starting point for space requiring material installations that need to be weather protected. The greenhouse’s underground parts can provide proper light conditions for projections, light art or video pieces.



The outdoor garden houses part of the museum’s living collection of plant species. You can read more on the different thematic areas of the outdoor garden (such as the “evolution tree”, “sensory garden”, “stone garden” and the “tree collection”) here.

Artistic work can be placed in the outdoor garden so that the work does not touch the plants themselves. Otherwise the work can be installed next to or even in the middle of the plants, with their wellbeing in mind. Electricity can be accessed the easiest in the evolution tree area from lamp posts. With outdoor pieces the most suitable formats may be: environmental art, installations (that are weatherproof), audio pieces and performances.

With technical installations please keep weather conditions in mind. The festival will arrange limited supervision for the outdoor pieces during the weekend within the garden’s opening hours. The pieces will not be insured by the festival.