The Art For All Festival will take over the Kalasatama area and will be accessible for free!

The 2023 edition will have three main areas for exhibiting art: Sompasaarenlaituri 6 Space, Antareksenkatu 3, and Hermannin rantatie 17.

We are looking for a diverse combination of works from different disciplines to interact with the spaces! Each space is part of an apartment building, so we kindly ask the participants to be respectful and not to disturb the inhabitants.

If you have any questions about the spaces feel free to contact us via email: artforallry(at)gmail.com

Each Space has its own spirit and place in the Kalasatama ecosystem. Scroll down to discover more!

Sompasaarenlaituri 6

Sompasaarenlaituri 6 Space is a clubroom located on the ground floor. It is a wooden and concrete building with open windows facing its yard and neighborhood. The central auditorium is inviting performances and a fully equipped kitchen is looking for food artists. Side gallery Space 1 is fitting for installations and audiovisual proposals.

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Limitations: no use of nails on surfaces, Space 2 and 3 are linked to each other.

Space S1

dark, suitable for audiovisual propositions, can be separated from 2 and 3

Space S2

light, windows, place for sitting, suitable for performances

Space S3

a fully equipped kitchen, tables, chairs


Antareksenkatu 3

Antareksenkatu 3 is composed of a clubroom and gym on the 3rd floor, balconies looking over the residency yard. The spaces 1-5 have a view over Kalasatama rooftops and the skyline. The rooftop is a windy and echoey spot and there are sounds coming from the sea. Some of the windows (space 1 and 2) are tinted blue and limit the light coming in. Most of the furniture in these spaces can be moved and the space is accessible via elevator.

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Limitations: No nails or permanent modifications to the walls, in the outside spaces there is a strong wind.

Space A1

Upstairs Gym Room is inviting visual or installation works

Space A2

Upstairs Club Room is inviting visual (directly on the wall) and/or audiovisual works

Space A3

Top Balcony is inviting performances or traces that can resist the weather, and especially wind

Space A4

Downstairs Balconies  invites visual works that can resist the weather, especially wind

Space A5

 The “Outokumpu” on the courtyard is inviting participatory and performance arts


Hermannin rantatie 17

Hermannin rantatie 17 is located on the ground floor with an access to the street. This space is the closest one to the traditional museum “white box”, it is a long, quite neutral room with not much light coming in. It has a window open to the street that can be open or blacked out. It is inviting audio-visual and installation works (it has a screen).

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Limitations: no use of nails on surfaces and no permanent modifications of the walls.

Space H1

The White Box, big windows facing the street, dimm, screen