The curated event explored human experiences in relation to the world and others at Vapaan Taiteen Tila on the 14th and 15th of April 2023.


The two-day event featured installations, performances, and artworks revolving around the theme of emergence. 

From underneath the surface of the visible, multiple perspectives and imaginar worlds emanate: wandering from the subliminal to the tangible, from the depths of life and consciousness to embodied realities. The event opened a social space for contemplations, connections, and reflection.

The exhibition showcased members and friends of Art for All. The participating artist were the O.U duo (Oona Räyhäntausta and Utkarsh Raut), Jenni Nylander, Vikram Choudhary, Roosa Tervapuro, Iida Nissinen, Julia Toarie Strandman, Margarita Leonenko, Daniel Mayer, Mana Tashakorinia, Jaakko Warén, Jenni Kilpi and Laura Renvall, Kaamos group (Francis Maskens & Emilia Kallioinen).

The event was curated by Anastasia Lapteva.
Visual design by Oona Räyhäntausta.


1. O.U (Oona Räyhäntausta and Utkarsh Raut)
2. Jenni Nylander
3. Vikram Choudhary
4. Roosa Tervapuro
5. Iida Nissinen
6. Julia Toarie Strandman
7. Margarita Leonenko
8. Daniel Mayer
9. Mana Tashakorinia


1. O.U (Oona Räyhäntausta and Utkarsh Raut)
2. Jaakko Warén
3. Jenni Kilpi and Laura Renvall
4. Kaamos group (Francis Maskens & Emilia Kallioinen)
5. DJ: Prins Eugen
6. DJ: Vissyvesi


2023, performance art, audio-reactive installation

As the moon waxes and wanes, the transitioning darkness, the strength and size of the tides,
pose all living creatures obstacles... and opportunities. O.U is curious and strives to raise
curiosity towards all phenomena that emanate from such darkness, under and above the
ground, through the use of light – charmed with a transmundane, nondescript audio design.

At a space that carves itself out of a modern skyline, wherein one can let go of modernity,
whose specific purpose was to sublimate purpose and shelter a safe space, the cave of
Vapaan Taiteen Tila provides a fitting surface at an opportune time by the end of the long
nights of winter for O.U to present to you the [Fourth Wall]. Activated with a performance piece with an original soundtrack, we plan to usher in the space an interactive piece that shall allow the onlookers to have a deeper look at selves.

O.U is an independent duo formed out of a shared admiration for the liminal space and
thoughts emerging out of it. A yin-yang symbiosis of Oona Räyhäntausta and Utkarsh Raut, with their individually diverse, erratic tastes and specialties, the duo strives to bring forth an unorthodox amalgamation of all that seems ethereal yet engaging. In the past, O.U, along with Terhi Adler as the Freekit collective, manifested a Safe Haven, an interactive Goahti (fi.Kota) installation at the Malmi hangar (Art for All Festival), that was further activated with a performance piece by Oona.

O.U’s diverse body of work integrates new technologies with traditional media such as
sculpture, performance, and site-specific installation. Drawing from sources ranging from ancient philosophy to theoretical science, O.U’s works are better understood as events in time, in which performance of the human body, light, sound, and movement unfolds.

Jenni Nylander
I N  B E T W E E N

2023, ceramic sculptures and charcoal impressions

I close my eyes. My hand runs along the surface of the rock. My palm presses harder against the rocky surface, and I feel how my elastic skin accepts its rough little bumps. My fingertips continue to feel the rocky face and soon they find grooves that continue indefinitely. I feel how the rough surface changes to a smooth one, how a cool shadow spot turns to a surface warmed by the sun's radiation. I go to lie on my stomach, cheek against the rock. Here is peace, here is everything.

My personal body memory is the starting point and inspiration for my works of art. It is
essentially connected to my geomorphological enthusiasm, which manifests itself as an
interest in the concept of the natural landscape and the exogenous processes included in it.

The abstract form language of my works is the result of an interaction where clay, as an
ancient mineral soil type-like material, carries my bodily work process based on sense and touch. The sculptures are created using the sausage technique layer by layer, intuitively growing a multidimensional shape, without support structures. There is something primitive in clay for me, cutting through time and existence.

The artwork series consists of ceramic sculptures and charcoal drawings. It explores the material and medium relationship between sculpture and drawing: their distinctive quality and what kind of views they open up together. In addition to this, it deals with the themes of memory, remembering and documentation.

Jenni Nylander is an artist from Helsinki who works as a scenographer for performing arts
and production designer for film, as well as with installation, sculpture and drawing.

Vikram Choudhary

2023, photography

At its core, this photo project is a meditation on the relationship between the conscious and
subconscious mind. The conscious mind is our waking awareness, the part of our psyche that
processes sensory input and makes decisions based on logic and reason. The subconscious
mind, on the other hand, is the realm of our deepest thoughts and emotions, the place where
our dreams and fantasies reside. The concept of consciousness has puzzled philosophers for
centuries. What is it that makes us aware of our surroundings and our own existence? Is consciousness simply a byproduct of brain activity, or is it something more profound and ineffable? These questions have led to numerous debates and theories, but they remain largely unanswered.

Through these haunting images, we are reminded that the boundary between conscious and
subconscious thought is porous and permeable. The reflections in the water serve as a visual
metaphor for this interconnectivity, as the conscious and subconscious appear to blend
seamlessly together. The project also prompts us to question the nature of reality itself. Is
the world around us simply a projection of our conscious mind, or are there deeper, more
mysterious forces at work? By gazing into these reflections, we are invited to consider the
possibility that there may be more to reality than meets the eye. Ultimately, the project
reminds us that the conscious and subconscious mind are not separate entities, but rather
two sides of the same coin. By exploring the ways in which these two realms intersect, we are
invited to engage in a deeper exploration of the nature of the self and the world around us.

Vikram Choudhary is a lens-based visual artist currently based in Delhi. Born and
brought up in the picturesque village of Chhingchhip in the Lusai hills of Mizoram,
Vikram has always been drawn towards the world of art and creativity. He pursued his
passion for art by studying Photography and Visual Communication at MCRC, Jamia
Millia Islamia.

Vikram's work revolves around themes that are close to his heart - the ignored subjects in
our daily lives, depleting Indian culture and traditional wisdom, landscapes, and personal
narratives around questions of identity and origin and spiritual and metaphysical themes.
He is passionate about capturing the beauty and depth of these subjects through his lens,
and his work has been appreciated by many.
In addition to working as a freelancer for clients based in India, Vikram also works on
independent research projects and collaborations with diverse visual art and photography communities from India. He has collaborated with many talented artists and photographers to create stunning works of art that capture the essence of his themes.
Vikram has showcased his work in several exhibitions, including a photo exhibition
curated by F.B. Khan at Talimi Mela, Jamia Millia Islamia in 2017, Slaves in the 21st
Century at M.F. Husain Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2018, Palayan ki Peeda at Delhi
University, Delhi in 2018, and a group show at Chungju, South Korea in 2019.

Roosa Tervapuro

2021, Mixed technique with oil pastels and markers

Slavery of Feelings is inspired by the moment when the human mind simply can't take it
anymore and collapses into sorrow. It is exciting and frightening to think how the human mind can feel so strongly, that you could melt in pain and your whole body just hurts. It is almost like our brain is slavery of feelings, they can drain or lift us up. The artwork was done with oil pastels and markers as a mixed technique in 2021. As a technique, the artwork is done by layering oil pastels with multiple colors on top of each other, and lines are scraped out with a painting knife creating a movement.

I’m Roosa Tervapuro, Espoo based artist and designer student at Aalto university. The
moment when I found in my grandmother’s attic her old oil painting inspired me to pursue a career in the creative field. I always could easily get lost in hours while painting or creating something with my hands.
I like to explore and use many different techniques. Artworks are inspired by fashion, trends and everyday life combined with lot’s of imagination. Usually each character is a reflection of myself or life in some way, and every work has a story to tell behind. My art style contains strong contrast and living linework.

Iida Nissinen

2023, Handmade punch-needle rug. Yarn on monk's cloth, Glazed ceramics

This pair of works is a part of a longer process of imagining an other-than-human form for
myself. While pointing to two symbolic animals, a snake, and a bird, they both appear
somewhat ghostly - petrified, disembodied. A paleontological dream, de/surrection via
magical tool?

Iida Nissinen is a multidisciplinary artist and curator. Recently Iida has been studying
avatars, doppelgängers, and eco-gothic sensualities. They work with a variety of materials, elements, and situations from ceramics and bioplastics to bodies and social compositions. For the upcoming summer of 2023, they are curating two exhibitions for K17, Sipoo, and Light-harvesting Complex, Vantaa together with Maikki Siuko.

Iida graduated with a Master of Arts in 2018 from the University of Arts and Design. They
spent the fall of 2022 in the sculpting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech
Republic and are currently completing their studies in the program of Visual Cultures,
Curating, and Contemporary Arts, focusing on the intersection of ecology and sensuality in contemporary arts.

Julia Toarie Strandman

2023, Hand-crocheted generative sculpture

Demons’ Nest is inspired by a tradition in Finnish witchcraft called the transfer of demons (demonien siirto), which witches could use to cure diseases or mental illness for example. In the tradition the witch has made a wooden human figure that is named and clothed like the person who is being cured. The evil spirit causing the sickness is transferred to the figure and the sickness is cured. The term demon in this case refers to the demons we all have that cause us negative vibes.

Demons’ Nest is a textile sculpture that invites the viewers to leave their own demons
(traumas, fears, hatred, negative energy) and make them part of the piece. In the space next
to the piece are going to be materials that can be used to make one’s demons physical and
added to Demons’ Nest. The added pieces can be threads, knots, knits, crocheted pieces, a whole doll or any other.

The piece will be burned in a bonfire later to give the demons their peace. The sculpture is hand crocheted and wet felted using recycled materials.

I am a Helsinki-based visual artist. My artistic practice is based on intuitivity, performativity and testing and combining different media and creating multisensorial alternative worlds. In my art, I study queerfeminism and minority stress through occultism, nature relationship and the creation of mythical worlds. I am inspired by my studies of Finnish-Karelian mythology and witchcraft. The base of my practice lies in the relationship I have with textile because of my former studies in fashion. I enjoy the performative and physical aspect of textile, as well as the strong connection for traditional handicrafts. The slow and physical methods ground and calm my mind. I only use
recycled materials that I find from thrift stores or get from friends and relatives. The layers of history and energy in materials create interesting aspects to the art pieces.

Margarita Leonenko

2023, Textile sculptures

This series of small sculptural textile works are made using second hand yarn, leftover or
common materials. I have been inspired by the thrill of finding unique yarn that someone
didn’t need anymore and how I can repurpose it to create anew. The hand-woven artworks
are slowly made on a wooden loom, where I pay attention to color, texture, and dimension. In
addition, I have started to experiment using water-soluble fabric.

Margarita Leonenko is a curator and artist who loves to talk about urgent issues, but, more importantly, also loves to listen. She is a co-curator of the online platform Don’t Dream It’s Over that is dedicated to broadcasting and dissemination of the voices of artists, researchers, and activists on various consequences of late capitalism.

Daniel Mayer



2023, music-dance video

The music-dance video "I Wanna Win" is an artistic collaboration of filmmaker Dan Mayer, photographer Mickael Vis, ballerina Maria Kochetkova and choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, with the music of Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

The original idea was conceived by Maria,
who wanted to pay homage and express her love and gratitude to Finland by creating a dance music video with her friends.

Shot on a theater stage, the video shows Maria in different costumes and her friends dancing in a fun and playful way to the infectious rhythm of Jaakko Eino Kalevi's music. Filmed with camcorders, the video has a nostalgic feel, with vintage aesthetics, the image and editing add layers to the scenes and characters that create a timeless piece of art. The choreography is a display, blending different dance styles and empowering their moods.

"I Wanna Win" was the result of a partnership by talented artists from different fields who
came together to create a beautiful and energetic piece of art that inspires others to express themselves through the universal language of dance. It is a celebration of friendship and a testament to the power of art to bring people together.

Creative team: Dan Mayer, Mickael Vis, Maria Kochetkova, Sebastian Kloborg, and Jaakko
Eino Kalevi

Daniel Mayer (b. 1989) is a Brazilian-Finnish filmmaker, creative, and photographer based in Helsinki. With a degree in Business &
Marketing and filmmaking studies in Brazil, Portugal, and Finland, Daniel brings a unique
perspective to his work. His international experience and proficiency in four languages make him open-minded and adaptable. Daniel is dedicated to pushing boundaries and telling
stories that provoke thought and emotion, creating inspiring and visually striking works that capture the imagination, and feelings to move audiences worldwide.

Mana Tashakorinia

2023, riso-printed photograph series

This series portrays the daily lives of my friends and me in Iran over six months. During a time of a rapidly changing social, political, and economic landscape, our daily routine was shadowed by the fragility of the present moment. I captured people and things around me in the midst of moving, changing their habitat, or emigrating, but every move is uncertain as the present moment is, like a hesitant step taken in suspension.

Mana Tashakorinia (b. 1997, Tehran) is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist with a background in visual arts. Her works revolve around daily routine, incorporating socio-political contents, as she often uses her camera as a democratic instrument of observation to capture mundanities and quotidian. Mana holds a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Visual Culture,
Curating & Contemporary Arts at Aalto University. She is currently working as editorial coordinator in NO NIIN magazine.

praelūdere (in A)

praelūdere (in A) is a short journey into the “inner sounds” of an upright piano. A sample
palette of sounds were produced by extended techniques such as plucking, damping and
triggering overtones of specific strings. The sounds then travel and transform throughout
the piece in different acoustic spaces in minimalistic steps. The piece can be performed either once or continuously looped seamlessly: the last “note” will then again be the very first “note” of the piece...

Jaakko I. Warén is Finnish-American composer and producer who has studied composition, electronic music and ethnomusicology at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, Ohio and Meadows School Of The Arts @ SMU, Dallas, Texas. Since the early age of 8, when he made his first recordings with an analog synthesizer, electro-acoustic music has played a significant part in Warén’s music studies, musical exploration and particularly in his own compositional direction. He is currently focused on writing more immersive ambisonic electro-acoustic works.


︎ ︎

Laura Renvall and Jenni Kilpi want to rethink some classical music elements or traditions, observe and experience them together in new spaces. New atmospheres will be based on experimentation on written compositions together with improvisation.

Laura Renvall and Jenni Kilpi have both graduated from the University of the Arts
Sibelius Academy.


︎ ︎

The Maze is an exploration of the relationship between the body and space. Drawing from
our natural environment the piece explores ways to relate and move through stimulation of the environment's pathways.

The piece was initially designed as a site-specific piece, performed in Herttoniemi beach, 2022. Since then, The Maze has developed further to a version that is now brought to Art For All in Vapaan taiteen tila.

Kaamos Group is a duo project formed by two Helsinki based dance artists. Francis Maskens
gained his BA in Contemporary dance in 2017 from London Contemporary Dance School
(The Place), and is currently enrolled in Theatre Academy in Helsinki, completing his MA in Dance pedagogy. Emilia Kallioinen graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2020 with a BA in Contemporary dance. Emilia is currently working as a freelance dance artist and dance teacher. She is also a physiotherapist focused on the wellbeing of performing artists.